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Exciting Announcement: Online Math Madness is being put on hold temporarily, during the launching of a brand new online competition: Quote Puzzler!

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If you are interested in competing, or knowing more about the competion, please enter your email address in the textbox below. This does not commit you to competing.

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Extra Credit?
You may want to ask your math teachers if they will give extra credit for competing in this competition. When you sign up for the competition, you can give a 'teacher name' and 'teacher password'. This will allow your teacher to go online and view a report showing which problems you missed, as well as your overall percentile standing in the competition.

If you want to tell your teacher about this competition, just click the 'Tell a Friend' link to the left, or click here.

Is This Competition Right For Me?
That's a good question. Before you sign up for the competition, it would be nice to know what kinds of problems you'll see! The simple answer is, if you have taken (or are currently taking) both an algebra course and a geometry course, you will be able to do many of the problems. There will be some problems beyond your level of study, including some of the following: trigonometry, logarithms, conic sections, probability, binomial theorem, and complex numbers.

If these topics are 'beyond' you, don't sweat it; you'll still find plenty to keep you occupied during the competition!

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