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Exciting Announcement: Online Math Madness is being put on hold temporarily, during the launching of a brand new online competition: Quote Puzzler!

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If you are interested in competing, or knowing more about the competion, please enter your email address in the textbox below. This does not commit you to competing.

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The next 'Online Math Madness' will be held during the spring of the year (exact dates to be announced). Registration will begin two months prior to the competition. If you would like to receive a 'reminder' when it is time to register for the next competition, please enter your email address in the 'Tell Me More' box. We will send you notification as soon as the registration form goes online.

Individual Registration
The registration fee for this competition is $5.00. This fee helps to cover the cost of designing, hosting, and administering the competition. Payments will be accepted by check or credit card (online registrations by e-check or credit card will be accepted through 'PayPal').

Group Registration
Groups of ten or more competitors who sign up together get a $2.00 discount per person, thus paying $3.00 each. (And if you needed me to do that math for you, you probably shouldn't be taking this competition!) A single check or online payment for all the competitors in the group is required. The group rate is perfect for teachers who want their entire class to compete in 'Online Math Madness'

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