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Free Resources!

All the resources listed on this page are provided free of charge by Virtu Software. Enjoy!

The Problem Site is an internationally recognized educational site used by schools around the world. The site contains math puzzles, word games, reference materials, math problems, and many other resources.

Quote Puzzler is an insanely addictive series of daily word puzzles designed to give your brain a serious workout. Compete against people from around the world! Some sections of the site require a subscription.

Tile Puzler is Virtu Software's free online version of our PentoMania puzzle software. Use pentominoes, triominoes, and tetrominoes to solve the puzzles.

Amateur Hikers - your own personal hiking space on the internet. Post information about hikes you've done, or use the site to get information from others.

Articles for Educators is a wonderful resource, a site filled with articles written by educators and for educators.

Fifteen Minutes of Fiction is is a creative writing website that encourages beginning writers to spend just a few minutes every day writing something. Weekly writing prompts are provided.

Biblical Illuminations is Doug's personal ministry website, with information about his music, preaching, and ventriloquism, as well as an extensive list of Bible object lessons.

Ask Doug Questions about the internet, about computers, about life in general, and see what he has to say on the subject!

The Anti-Spam Site has saved a lot of money for a lot of people by providing helpful information about spammers and scammers..

SEO Scam Watch - Search Engine Optimization and website promotion are fields filled with crooks who take advantage of unwary web masters. Learn some of the tricks here.

Project Hymnbook is a companion to Virtu Software's ChordMaker software. Share chords and lyrics for beloved hymns in this free music forum.

Doug's Personal Website. Doug uses this space on the internet to post interesting little tools like hiking time calculators, wind chill and heat index calculators, and random quotations.