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Question: Why Do I Get Nonsensical Emails?

I went to your page to try and find out why spam email is filled with gibberish that makes no sense when you read it. And what can I do about it.

Thanks, John


Hi John,

Generally speaking, emails like this will have a website link somewhere; this is the site that's being advertised by the spammer.

As for why the spammer fills the email with nonsense like this...

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...generally, the spammer is hoping that by putting in a variety of words that have nothing to do with drugs, he'll fool peoples' anti-spam software into thinking that his email isn't really spam. You'll also notice that he doesn't spell Viagra, Cialis, or any of the other drugs correctly. Why? Because most spam filters spot those words and immediately mark the email as spam.

Now sometimes you get an email that is nothing but nonsense - not even a web address to click. Why does that happen? My theory is: it's because spammers are stupid.

The second half of your question was, What can you do about it?

Typically, a good anti-spam or internet security software package will filter out emails which have the misspelled drug names, and other types of "tricks" that spammers play. If these aren't getting filtered out, you might want to consider updating your internet security/spam software.

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