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Question: Is This Turnkey Website Business For Real?

During search the following website selling Turnkey Websites came before me:-

[link removed]

I am interested in buying one website from them but i don't find their address .

Moreover there are no security alerts on the site.It appers to be a scam.Can you

help me in my decision?



To put it shortly, I would be suspicious. Like you, I looked for an address; if I find a business on the internet which offers neither telephone number nor mailing address/physical location in a prominent place on the site, I won't stick around for more than the time it takes to click a "Contact" link and see if their information is there.

Obviously, not everyone has to put contact information out there. For example, although my contact information is posted on my business site, it is not posted on Articles For Educators, which is a free service.

General rule of thumb: a business ought to have contact information. If it doesn't, steer clear!

Here's another rule of thumb: if you know the business name, and you type it in Google, and their website doesn't come up in either the first or second spot, and they claim they've been around since 1997, you ought to be very suspicious. I just ran a check on all my websites, and except for the one more recently created, all my sites come up first when you google them on their site name.

The site you mentioned wasn't even on the first page.

If you want my opinion: STEER CLEAR!!

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