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Question: Internet Explorer For Macintosh problem


I've got a web site that looks great in just about every browser I've tried, except Internet Explorer for Macintosh. The problem is in my table border, which does not appear in IEMac. I set up the border as follows:

<table style="BORDER-TOP: #999999 inset; ...

And it is completely invisible in IEMac. What's going on, and WHY are there such differences between the two Internet Explorers?


NOTE: This is a fairly irrelevant issue now; Microsoft has stopped supporting the IE for MAC browser, which is a great relief to everyone; Microsoft's foray into the world of Macintosh web browsing was just plain silly!

I've run into this problem before--in fact, I had to deal with it on this site! Try adding one more piece of information to your border style. Tell it how wide the border is going to be. Like this...

BORDER-TOP: #999999 inset medium;

It is pretty silly that IE for Windows doesn't require you to specify the border width while IE for Mac does. Why?

It's just Microsoft, and we'll leave it at that.

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