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Growing Up To Be A Spammer

When you were a child, you wanted to be a doctor. Or a fireman. Or a police officer. Maybe you were ambitious, and wanted to be president.

But how many of you said, "Oh, me, me! I want to be a SPAMMER!"

*Waits for the raising of hands*

Okay, so no one wanted to be a spammer when they grew up. And there isn't a mother in the world who looks at her child and says: "Oh, I hope my son (or daughter) grows up to be an annoying, irritating, obnoxious, stupid spammer."

Mothers...don't let your sons grow up to be spammers!

Why shouldn't you grow up to be a spammer?

Well, for one thing, it's not possible to grow up to be a spammer. Spammers are idiots who are stuck in an adolencent phase, and will never grow up.

No. Wait. I take that back. That's not fair to adolescents.

Okay, let's get serious here.

If you are just starting out in business, one temptation you will face is the temptation to market your product or service by purchasing/compiling an email mailing list, and sending out information about your product by email. There are several issues that you should consider before you take that step. Hopefully, once you have considered the following issues, you will see how this technique is like shooting yourself in the foot, and you will choose to explore other options.