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Online Scams

Online scams take many forms, and they cause a lot of grief, embarrassment, and monetary loss to people who get caught in the scammer's web.

There are phishing scams, credit card scams, bank scams, ebay scams, Nigerian scams, lottery scams, last will and testament scams. Each kind of scam is designed to trick a different type of person.

The Scam Index was designed to give specific information about many of the scams out there. From this page you can access information about different types of scams simply by clicking on an index item in the list to the right.

There are also some general principles to follow when dealing with scammers. These are very simple precautionary measures to follow, and are listed below.

  1. Never reply to a scammer.
  2. If you have corresponded with the scammer, contact the FBI
  3. Never click on weblinks from emails; type the web address into your browser
  4. A yahoo, hotmail, or other "free" email address is almost proof positive that you are not dealing with a legitimate business concern.
  5. Review your bank's policies regarding how they might contact you.