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Before Contacting Us

Before contacting The Anti Spam Site, you should take a moment to browse our Frequently Asked Questions, to see if they answer your question.

Question: I would like to link to your site. Is that okay?

Answer: Absolutely! The more people link to the site, the more popular it becomes. Which, in turn, means that more people will discover that they're being scammed by a spammer - before it's too late. We're always glad to have people link to this site.

Question: You obviously put a lot of time and effort into this site--how can I express my appreciation for all your work?

Answer: Okay, so I don't get asked this nearly as much as I'd like. But if you want to express your appreciation, you may do so by giving a donation of any size. The quickest way to do this is to use the donation button in the sidebar of the site

If you want to mail a gift of any size, you can use the address listed on the contact page.

Question: Should I click the 'unsubscribe' link on spam I get?

Answer: In general, the answer to this question is NO! Remember that many of the people who send you spam are crooks and scoundrels, and all you do by clicking the unsubscribe link is confirm that they reached a valid email address. In other words, you encourage more spam by clicking that link.

Question: Should I try to contact the spammer in any way?

Answer: Again, the general rule of thumb is...No, don't try to contact them. Obvious exeptions are, if they happen to list a toll free phone number, go ahead and call them. Talk for several minutes, acting as though you're interested in their product. Then laugh maniacally and hang up. Or something like that.

Actually, I have contacted spammers on rare occasions. After a couple years of being bombarded by spam, I have learned to recognize the up-and-coming new businesses which haven't yet figured out what a mistake it is to spam people. When I recognize these, I may send them an email with a link to my Anti-Spam website. However, if you do this, you should set up an email address that you don't use for anything other than communicating with spammers.

Just yesterday I sent out an email to a candidate for political office in my home state whose campaign advisers were sending out spam on his behalf. Grr...

Question: What Security/Anti-Spam product do you use?

Answer: Currently Im using 360, but I'm not thrilled with it. On one of my other sites I've posted a rather humorous (but completely true! explanation of why I don't like it: Norton Fiasco

Regardless of what you use for Anti-Spam software, don't make the assumption that it'll be good enough that you don't ever have to check your spam box. Why?

A couple months ago, a customer wrote asking me a question. My response to the customer contained the word 'MSExchange'. The customer never recieved my email. Eventually we realized that his anti-spam software was filtering the message because 'MSExchange' contains the word 'sex'.